So time to go back to school is almost here. I really have no idea how it snuck up so quickly! I am in the midst of preparing lesson plans, copying tests/homework, and reviewing highs and lows of last year to ready myself for what’s to come in 3 short weeks. Last year my school held our back to school night the second day of school. In two short days (the first day is an early release!) we need to produce work to display on the walls as well as parent gifts. Last year for the parent gift our grade level decorated flower pots and planted flowers to give to the parents when they arrived. I am trying to figure out something different this year that is a little less time consuming and able to manage in a cleaner fashion. That being said, my crafty readers I need your help! Any ideas? For those of you who remember elementary school, what was a memorable craft that sticks out in your mind as “the best ever!”?  My empty classroom needs you!