Our annual school carnival was this past Friday evening and I believe it is safe to say a good time was had by all. School carnival works like this… teachers may create a booth of their own or inherit one from others. When I arrived at RB I was in the latter catergory of inheritance. My booth is the great and glorious newspaper toss, and what a toss it was! Rules are fairly simple, try and aim the newspaper bundle through the front door in 3 tries. Depending on grade level different door mats to stand upon while completing this feat are present. Prize? Candy if you make a great effort on your toss and vampire neon teeth if your toss is so amazing that you make it through the front door.

Now this being said, I was amazingly blessed by members of my first grade family during carnival. I had plenty of parents sign up, show up, and help out! It was a nice time to meet my parents, watch them interact with their kids (and many others), and enjoy seeing smiles upon thier faces. I was also helped out by former parents in preparing for the carnival as well as family members from my class last year. In the midst of this chaotic season of life I know that I am being watched over, loved, and supported by many!

Mrs. Mundy's Newspaper Toss