After church on Sunday we were joined by Tim for lunch. We were in the mood to try something new and we ended up at Sequoia Sandwich Company. When it came time for me to get my drink of choice I was overcome with glee when I realized they had my most favorite, Diet Dr. Pepper. I knew immediately that the sandwich I was soon to enjoy would taste THAT much better. There is something about the amazing over the top foamy goodness that follows a pour. Every so often I have a smaller ddp in my school lunch on Fridays as a special treat from my lunch maker. I must admit that I am loving seeing Diet Dr. Pepper emerging as a fountain beverage among the newer food places in town. Dog House Grill & Wahoo’s are other favorites that offer my coveted beverage. Which leads me to a few questions…

1. Do you know where else I would be able to order ddp?

2. What is your favorite fountain beverage of choice?