I have a three day work week coming up ahead… So exciting. I feel much deserved. Which leads me to a confesssion…

On the occasion of not being at school I always can’t quite believe it. Almost as if I’m playing hooky from a college class and it will still continue regardless if I’m there. Asignments will still be due. Notes will still be taken. I will still have work that will need to be made up, if I can find an unknown friend and ask to borrow their notes from that day. All this to say I know I don’t have school today and still am awaiting the phone call from our office staff wondering where I am. School should start in ten minutes and even if I left right now from our apartment I would still arrive fifteen minutes late. Lesson plans aren’t done, my classroom was left in disarray Friday, and I’m late.

As I’m parked on our couch in my pajamas drinking my second cup of Peet’s coffee for the morning I can’t go on with the rest of my day until the clock turns to 8:25, I have checked my phone one more time to make sure I didn’t receive any phone calls from my site, and then only then can I let myself get ready for the day (which will consist of going into school to organize, clean, and prepared for Wednesday). Such a creature of habit. Where do you find yourself in the schedule of life? Are you overly scheduled or able to deviate for a day?