One day last week I did not have time to make my lunch (or my reliable lunchmaker did not) and so when 11:15 rolled around after dropping my kids off at the cafeteria I hurried to Starbucks to grab a yogurt parfait and return to campus before the bell tolled. Once I arrived I hurried in to purchase my sought after prize and as I was leaving stopped to ponder the customers sitting outside in the sunshine. Two older gentlemen in flannel shirts had established themselves at an outside table and over two black cups of coffee with steam swirling above their heads were shooting the breeze without a care in the world.

To myself I thought as I was watching their dialogue exchange, “It must be nice to be in their place.” Once that thought had appeared I questioned myself as to its existance. It must be nice to have lived through life and have arrived to be sitting outside in the sunshine with a cup of joe and your best friend at 11:30 on a random morning. Then I realized if I became that idea then I would miss out on all the moments that would factor into creating the person that I will be on that random morning in January. Regardless of what moment in time I am in, whether it is a season of joy or sadness, the beauty of now is that I have friends and family to experience life with. To grow together with. To me that time from now until that January morning in the future is rich with possibilities and I’m excited to embrace them all. Proud upon reaching a conclusion in my musing I returned to my car with a new sense of understanding for the afternoon ahead.