Luke and I had the opportunity to spend the weekend with around 40 high schoolers as a part of Well Student Ministry’s (WSM) winter retreat held in Cambria. The theme of the retreat was Kill the Chameleon-a challenge to students to live their lives for themselves,being authentic in their choices and personalities. It was refreshing and entertaining to listen to Mark Pitman who was the speaker at the retreat and Luke did an awesome job as  the fabulous worship leader extraordinaire. We also spent lots of time getting to know many of the students during the weekend and I loved seeing my friend Becky as well!


Those of you who visit the blog know that often food tends to be a popular topic of mine. Saturday night with WSM I learned many valuable lessons how to order dinner. I wish I had saved the menu for the evening, perhaps if you’re interested this guy may be able to help you…


For starters the rules of dinner were to order 3 items for course 1, 6 for course 2, 4 for course 3. Sound simple? The menu items were selections of kerplosh, servette, basically nonsense words that we had little to no chance of figuring out! All 6 of us had to eat the course as it was, finish it before receiving the next course, and throw away all materials from the course we had just “enjoyed” to start fresh for the next food experience.

Saturday night dinner for my 6 friends consisted of:

Course 1

spaghetti & meat balls, napkins, strawberry shortcake

Course 2

after dinner mints, salad, forks, spoons, lemonade, green beans

Course 3

1 knife, garlic bread, water

Yum Yum.