Today I have done 2 things that I haven’t done recently. Towards the end of the school year my posts & gym attendance became officially less frequent, no nonexistent. The arrival of summer and endless amounts of free time did not help with my procrastination. We’ve simply been living life- laundry piles, grocery lists, and always more laundry. Luke is much more motivated than I. I can’t compete with his posts or gym attendance (especially the strange going-ons in the locker room).

But today I decided to try.

After inhaling my Luna iced oatmeal bar & with trusty Nalgene in hand I remembered my locker combo & gym id number and arrived with much anticipation. Would the blond hair receptionist make a comment when she saw how long I’d avoided the treadmill? Would a smirk ensue? A chuckle? Nope. Nothing. Just a “thank you” and I was set free back in the land of fellow worker outers. 1 mile later on the treadmill my jello legs thanked me as well and I was left to finish off my time with the free weights & machines.

Pretty uneventful after all my creative excuses & procrastination. I must admit it felt nice to be able to fit something back into my schedule of laundry piles & grocery lists. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes…