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I love winter. Perhaps one of the main reasons I enjoy the season are the traditions that come with it. Picking out the Christmas Tree is no exception…

Now we venture to “tree farms” at the nearest intersection to find the most decent tree that fits a preconceived price that might have been formed in one’s mind on the way to the lot. Not so much when I was younger.

When I was little my family journeyed to the mountains in search of the most perfect tree. The day after Thanksgiving we would bundle up and head to Miramonte to visit the Shipman’s Tree Farm. Up the hill we’d begin and would split up and out on the mountain terrain until Mom would announce she’d found the tree. We would saw the tree down, our decent down the hill would commence and soon after we’d begin the drive back down the mountain. But wait. Why am I reminiscing about Christmas in July? Background knowledge my friends.

Somewhere between purchasing the tree and piling into our 1980’s Bronco for the eventful drive home would always be a quick stop to see the geese. I was fascinated with the pet geese Mrs. Shipman kept behind a chicken wire fence. My hands were the perfect fit to squeeze between the tines and despite the warnings I’m sure I received a bite once or twice. I’m not sure exactly why I was so fascinated, but I’m pretty sure that was my main reason I looked forward to the journey to Miramonte.

At the home of our fabulous former life group’s hosts is a goose. And once again I return to the 5 year old wonder of emotions and giddiness at harassing innocently peering through the fence at the neighbor’s goose. Now goosey did not become near as entertaining until she decided to hiss at me through the fence as I walk by. Somehow she must have known about my fascination. I would like to think she’s fondly greeting me… somehow I’m not quite sure that’s the case.


Today I have done 2 things that I haven’t done recently. Towards the end of the school year my posts & gym attendance became officially less frequent, no nonexistent. The arrival of summer and endless amounts of free time did not help with my procrastination. We’ve simply been living life- laundry piles, grocery lists, and always more laundry. Luke is much more motivated than I. I can’t compete with his posts or gym attendance (especially the strange going-ons in the locker room).

But today I decided to try.

After inhaling my Luna iced oatmeal bar & with trusty Nalgene in hand I remembered my locker combo & gym id number and arrived with much anticipation. Would the blond hair receptionist make a comment when she saw how long I’d avoided the treadmill? Would a smirk ensue? A chuckle? Nope. Nothing. Just a “thank you” and I was set free back in the land of fellow worker outers. 1 mile later on the treadmill my jello legs thanked me as well and I was left to finish off my time with the free weights & machines.

Pretty uneventful after all my creative excuses & procrastination. I must admit it felt nice to be able to fit something back into my schedule of laundry piles & grocery lists. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes…

We were treated to tickets for Good Company Player’s Second Space Theater Friday night courtesy of momma dearest. I have fond memories of going to Roger Rockas or Second Space from when I was younger and occasionally Luke & I go now for an evening out. One of the reasons why I love the theater so much is probably venturing in to the Tower District. I love imagining what it must have been like in its prime and being downtown in an area of Fresno that often gets overlooked. There is much to enjoy and appreciate. Dressing up is also an element I enjoy as well. It’s always nice to have an occasion for that!

After a delicious dinner at Livingstone’s we walked over to Second Space, found our seats and had a pleasant time watching Horton Foote’s A Trip to Bountiful portrayed. It originally was written for television, but was adapted for Broadway and later the film screen. It was set in the 1940’s and is a tale of an elderly woman reminiscing of her childhood home town. The play will be shown until February 22nd so if you would like to see it yourself, here’s how!

Before departing home we stopped by Cheesecake Factory for a late night cappuccino and shared a slice of white chocolate blueberry cheesecake. Yum! There were blueberries in the crust! It almost had the same taste as enjoying a fresh baked blueberry muffin (without the streusel topping). Great ending to a wonderful evening.


One gift that I received this holiday season has been seeing frequent use in our kitchen. Hubs found these amazing silicone bakeware cups that are perfect for making eggs, custards, and much more! While I haven’t ventured past using them for poached eggs I am fully confident that they will preform just as well in other uses. That being said, I know many of you probably aren’t fans of poached eggs so my question to you is how do you like your eggs prepared?

poaching cups!Check out these and many other products here.

One of my current favorite restaurants is Gigi’s. Each time that we have visited has been memorable and satisfying to my palette. The food is well prepared and the atmosphere highly enjoyable.

One tradition my family has established is the “birthday dinner”. For as long as I can remember we have had the option of selecting a meal for my mom to prepare for us or a restaurant for us to dine at during the course of our birthday. With Luke’s family, they have the tradition of “birthday breakfast” which fits well in my foodie love language! This year we went to¬† birthday dinner at Gigi’s and Steph & Blake joined us. We were all pleasantly pleased with our dinners and evenly more thrilled with dessert! Gigi’s is located at Fort Washington & Friant in the shopping center across from Woodward Park. I highly recommend it!!! Where do you recommend dining in the Fresno area?


So today my classmates and I were having a very serious academically sidetracked conversation about what to wear and what not to wear for tomorrow’s festivities. Our school allows costumes to be worn on Halloween as long as they follow certain guidelines. Now during the conversation the kiddos started “whispering” to one another trying to guess what they thought I would dress up as. They decided on two options.

So friends, any thoughts or votes about who I should be? Comment away!

I can expect…

to hear my last name more than my first.

to eat lunch before noon.

my shoes will overflow with woodchips by the end of the day.

to hear a parent say… “Let me guess, it was dress like a cowboy today!” (I’m SO glad it was!)

Our annual school carnival was this past Friday evening and I believe it is safe to say a good time was had by all. School carnival works like this… teachers may create a booth of their own or inherit one from others. When I arrived at RB I was in the latter catergory of inheritance. My booth is the great and glorious newspaper toss, and what a toss it was! Rules are fairly simple, try and aim the newspaper bundle through the front door in 3 tries. Depending on grade level different door mats to stand upon while completing this feat are present. Prize? Candy if you make a great effort on your toss and vampire neon teeth if your toss is so amazing that you make it through the front door.

Now this being said, I was amazingly blessed by members of my first grade family during carnival. I had plenty of parents sign up, show up, and help out! It was a nice time to meet my parents, watch them interact with their kids (and many others), and enjoy seeing smiles upon thier faces. I was also helped out by former parents in preparing for the carnival as well as family members from my class last year. In the midst of this chaotic season of life I know that I am being watched over, loved, and supported by many!

Mrs. Mundy's Newspaper Toss