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Meet Baxter.


We adore his puppy heart!


I’m a routine person. Despite the fact that sometimes I may not be the most timely, I do delight in a well organized schedule. After all I can always strive to become more prompt, right?


Mundy Monday evenings are scheduled for grocery shopping. After being married for a few years we’ve discovered 1. it’s best for us to plan our weekly meals before heading to the store on an empty greedy stomach 2. create said list  3. stick to it! I’m an old-fashioned list writer…I enjoy the actual crossing off of the item once it has been discovered and placed into the cart. We’ve recently started using the Grocery Gadget Shopping List app to help keep things in order by category and I must admit it does simplify matters to divide and set off to conquer the store and return each with our own trusty list & items in hand via our phones.

Of all the game shows that have come and gone in TV land I must admit I always wanted to be a participant on Supermarket Sweep. You know the tagline “Hey, next time you’re at the counter and you hear the beep, think of all the fun you could have on Supermarket Sweep!” Knowing random facts about prices of items or their location has always somewhat appealed to me. Not quite sure exactly why, I think some of it may relate to my love of food and hopefully creating delicious aromas (more often than not) to serve for any occasion.


Any grocery confessions out there? How do you prepare? Do you love it or loathe?

Those of who you follow me on twitter know that I had my eyes dilated last Friday. Wearing glasses for nighttime use was the resulting prescription. I was a bit disappointed that the doctor’s office didn’t have any of the options to select for my glasses as far as the fashion goggles worn by Talespin’s Baloo or Disney’s Mr. Toad. I can only hope that I like my glasses as much as I did when I selected them last week with my poor dilated eyes!