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Until a recent visit to the Vineyard Farmers Market, swiss chard and I were not friends. I admit that I’ve always been intimidated by chard-with no good reason why. Last Saturday on our rounds at the market we stopped by KMK Farms and were helped in selecting a beautiful bunch of rainbow chard. Their lettuce is a delicious staple in our routine and we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed in discovering new produce from their farm. Purchasing aside, the next step  was being convinced to do something with it.

After considering our meals planned for this week I decided that our tomato soup & grilled cheese (with Bravo Farms sharp cheddar) night deserved some chard for company. Glancing through various recipes on swiss chard on we decided to saute it in olive oil, garlic, & balsamic vinegar for about 5 minutes.  It was the simplest accompaniment and most delicious. I’m pleased to admit now that swiss chard will be seen more around our kitchen.

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