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Meet Baxter.


We adore his puppy heart!


Today I am introducing you to a member of my extended family…the brother in-law. When I first met Patrick he had just graduated from 8th grade, enjoying the summer before he began high school and the fabulous freshman experience. Since Luke’s dad is also named Patrick, Luke’s brother had up until this point of his life been referred to as Aaron (which is his middle name). Time for a change, celebrating saying good-bye to those grade school years he opted to have people start calling him Patrick. Try to imagine with me, being introduced to Aaron, who tells you to call him Patrick, while others are calling him AA, Patrick Aaron, A-ron P, ahhh!!! mass confusion for the new girl in the family.

So to simplify things, I took matters into my own hands and thus PAM came to be added to the list. In the time it took PAM to graduate from high school, he had surpassed all of the Mundys in height, had been Luke’s best man at our wedding, and decided to enlist in the Air Force (among other amazing adventures). We spent time with PAM during the last leave he had and were excited to hear about the man he’s becoming and his hopes for the future. PAM currently is a member in the Red Horse Squadron of the Air Force and was recently promoted to Airman 1st Class. Way to go PAM! I am so proud of you!!



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