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Three years ago Hubs planned our honeymoon. By himself. Completely. I loved it. After following many clues from maps (that were sectioned off for specific parts of our drive) and hints from my custom made travel binder we arrived to stay for the first part of our trip at the Sonoma Chalets, in Sara’s Cottage. Our first night in town we dined at one of my now favorite restaurants in Glen Ellen and noticed that besides having a fantastic menu, that down below the restaurant was a grove of secret cottages… if ever we returned we decided that would be a must stay.


Now three years later, we still plan our surprise trips. It was Luke’s turn (being an odd year) and much to my surprise and thrill we returned to Glen Ellen Inn Restaurant & Secret Cottages to stay. We love the quaintness and charm of the inn equally to the delicious meal & gracious hospitality that the restaurant had to offer. It was a delight to chat with other guests there and celebrate their special occasions as well.


We returned to places we had enjoyed visiting previously in addition to making new memories and trying out recommendations from the locals we encountered throughout our day as to tours to embark upon, cheeses & chocolates to taste, or galleries to peruse. It was refreshing to slip away for a bit from our busy schedules in town to chat with local shopkeepers & enjoy just being with one another in the simplicity of the season.